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11 AM Central
Development & Construction Financing: What developers and operators need to think about now.

1 PM Central
Capital Providers and Operations: Aligning data for occupancy monitoring, expense management and resident satisfaction and using Data to provide for better and stronger relationships 

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Daily Agenda

Aging Media Network is hosting its first annual Skin & Wound Summit for senior care. Wound care is a complex and costly endeavor for senior care and this complexity has resulted in longer treatments and higher resource use, which impacts operator’s financial success. With new payment models and continued regulation changes, the economics of wound and skin care are front and center for healthcare providers.

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11am - 12pm CST: How Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Can Help Generate Positive Outcomes During Challenging Times presented by 3M

11am - 12pm CST: COVID Skin Manifestations presented by AMT

The SARS-CoV-2 viral infection causes a wide variety of skin symptoms that may be overlooked, discounted or misdiagnosed. As such, the opportunity for early cohorting and treatment may be lost. This session will create an awareness of the silent skin manifestations related to COVID-19, assist clinicians in distinguishing them, provide helpful documentation considerations for wounds that develop as a result of COVID-19, and discuss the importance of recognizing diminished blood oxygen levels in COVID-19 survivors and its impact on wound healing.

11am - 12pm CST:  Preventing Pressure Injuries presented by Arjo

Pressure Injuries continue to rise within all healthcare settings with an estimated annual cost of $26.8 billion. Prevention is key in decreasing pressure injury rates. This presentation reviews the concepts behind pressure injury etiology with a focus on the contributing factors affected by clinical decision-making. Risk assessment and potential solutions will be discussed.

April 20-22   11am-12pm CST

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April 20-22   11am-12pm CST