Multiple brands. One great story.

What started as two desks and a plant in an office under the “L” has grown to one of the largest B2B media agencies in Chicago.

What do you get when you combine two brothers and a fresh outlook on an aging population? Opportunity.

When brothers John and George Yedinak began their careers in the banking and finance world, they saw a need to provide marketers and business professionals with more information and opportunities to connect with the target audiences they sought most. So in 2006, John began Reverse Mortgage Daily as an industry blog with down-to-earth perspectives, eventually growing it to become the industry’s premier independent source for news, commentary and analysis. Then in November 2008, George began his own publication, Senior Housing News, to provide industry news to more than 30,000 senior housing operators, developers, institutions, investors and more.

With a growing base of readers and a large population of potential clients to serve, John and George merged their businesses in 2011 to become Aging Media Network, a first-of-its-kind B2B digital media company focused specifically on the aging population and the senior living organizations that care for it.

Since adding Home Health Care News in 2012, Skilled Nursing News in 2017 and Hospice News in 2019, and Behavioral Health Business in 2020, Aging Media has grown its team to include writers, editors, designers, and strategists who specialize in creating content that resonates with the longevity market. Today, Aging Media provides relevant content to owners, C-suite executives, developers, and operators within five of the fastest-growing fields in business. With a history of vertical reporting, best in class journalism and industry expertise, Aging Media strives to be a “one-stop-shop” for news in each senior care setting and across the care continuum.

Meet Our Team

Aging Media is home to some of the smartest, most driven creatives in B2B media. Take a minute to meet our energetic, welcoming, (and fun-loving!) team

John Yedinak
George Yedinak
Executive Vice President
Liz Ecker
Director of Content
Tim Mullaney
Tim Regan
Alex Spanko
Maggie Flynn
Business Reporter
Jack Silverstein
Associate Editor of Research
Bailey Bryant
Robert Holly
Chuck Sudo
Business Reporter
Valerie Arko
Content Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Chris Clow
Jim Parker
Jeff Cheatham
Sales Director
Joyce Famakinwa
Shawnna Gallagher
Web Designer
Kosti Marko
Web Designer
Christina Molina
Event Producer
Gordon Hunt
Sales Director
Andrew Dolan
Colleen Kitch
Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Hazen
Sales Director
Sophie Mimica
Virtual Events & Awards Producer